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jewbelong included in their J-ellow Pages directory!

Recently, was added as a Judaica vendor by jewbelong into their J-ellow Pages directory; which features a variety of useful Jewish organizations and opportunities for people to explore as they look for the right resources.

We are proud to be a resource to anyone looking to explore their Jewish culture and heritage. If you are hunting for some personal or home Judaica, has something unique for you - and aligned with jewbelong, we believe that everyone is welcome to explore their culture. Our Judaica products focus on more than just religious observance!

Thank you jewbelong!

(from jewbelong) | WHAT IS J-ELLOW PAGES?

You may not know this, but there are hundreds of Jewish organizations that are giving away enough Shabbat chickens to choke an army in the hopes of appealing to you. Why? Because the number of Jewish people is shrinking, and those organizations know that what today’s Jews want might not be the same as the generations before them. 

A quick Google search will give you lists of Jewish camps, Shabbat dinners, trips to Israel, trips to Poland, trips to the Bahamas… (just kidding, we couldn’t find any of those), free children’s books, Shabbats on a beach, Shabbats in a loft, Shabbats online, Sha-barbeques, Rosh Hashanah alternative get- togethers, Hanukkah parties (latke and vodka, anyone?), teen tours, sports programs, etc. etc. etc. Not to mention some really cool synagogues and JCC programs. 

It can be overwhelming. That’s why we created the J-ellow Pages (Like a phonebook for Jews). The list includes many of the programs that are out there, and if we have one, our opinion. We also try to tell you where programs fall on the Jewish spectrum, like if something is going to be very Jewy with lots of Hebrew, we’ll let you know in advance. Not that it’s necessarily bad, but it’s nice to be warned, amiright?


"It can be overwhelming. That’s why we created the J-ellow Pages (Like a phonebook for Jews).”


J-ellow Pages logo is featured as a Judaica vendor on jewbelong in their J-ellow Pages directory.


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