The materials used in the March 2023 Launch Collection reflect the brand mission to reconnect with the culture of past traditions and heritage in a modern manner. We have utilized Upcycled Wool Felt Offcuts discarded from the factory from their past projects, now repurposed into our beautiful keychains, hand embellished with gorgeous charms and accessories sourced directly from Turkey and other specialized manufacturers. Vintage Wooden Beads from the 1970s have found a new life strung together amongst metal Hamsas and evil eye beads on our keychains and decorative hanging pendants of various lengths and sizes. There is a lot of exciting sustainable texture to explore!


Due to the nature of how we source our materials, we may only have a few of each product style available. Similar items may be produced in the future, but it is not a guarantee.

So if you see something that you like, grab it while you can! And know that you have a special piece that was made just for you!